Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Mother of the Essential

Mary Statue at the Carmelite Monastery of Valmadonna, Italy
Dear Friends,

Back in 2010, I spent a few days at the Carmelite Monastery of Valmadonna in northern Italy. I still have a prayer card from there with a beautiful prayer to the Blessed Mother that I pray. Here’s a translation in case you would like to pray it too!

O mother of LOVE,
Treasure of CALM and SERENITY,
we love you for the light
From your lowered eyes,
for the peace of your gaze,
for the revealing attitude
of your inner fullness.

You are the VIRGIN of the INVISIBLE and the ESSENTIAL.
We beg you to detach us,
to remove us from everything that is seen
to bring us back and fix us
on the INVISIBLE that your eyes contemplate:
the invisible PRESENCE, 
the invisible LIFE,
the invisible ACTION, 
the invisible LOVE.

In our busy, overworked days,
May YOU keep us in the light of things
which we do not see.

Through the secondary things
That cry out to us and seduce us often,
give us, o MOTHER
an understanding of and a hunger for the ESSENTIAL.

(M.T. DE Lescure)

Original in French here