Monday, October 14, 2013

deacon for the pope... again?

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

The other day an email caught my attention so much that I just about choked. It was one of the Pope's masters of ceremonies inviting me back to be deacon for Pope Francis again. Wow! What an honor!

the invitation

The only problem was that he was inviting me to be deacon for Pope Francis October 13th. I would have had to fly to Rome and back just for this. Worth it? In my book yes, especially since I had recently received a few airline vouchers that would have just about gotten me there for free.

But before replying immediately with one big "YES!" I double-checked with my Father Superior. You see, 12 years ago I took three vows - poverty, chastity, and obedience. Obedience means that everything I do has to have the blessing of father superior, not because he's better than others but because he represents God for me. That's not the easiest thing to live by, especially in this case. He recommended I just tell the Monsignor that I couldn't help this time and let it go.

The Monsignor who invited me is to the right of Pope Francis
I should have taken his advice right away, and if this were Saint Deacon Kevin McKenzie, I would have. But I didn't send that message for a few days, hoping against hope that he would change his mind, or that another Father would see things otherwise… Until one evening I finally realized that God was really just asking me to let this one go and trust. I felt a wave of peace flow over me as I pressed "send" and saw my reply message disappear.

What was my surprise when a few days later I received another message from Monsignor. In it he asked me to let him know when I get back to Rome so he can propose another date.

I guess this obedience stuff isn't so bad after all, huh? God seems to bless obedience. Even Jesus was obedient. Of course in my case, I've usually fought tooth and nail the whole way through, but once I call "uncle!" and give up, he sends his blessings in abundance.

The ways of God are amazing. I don't know if I'll get to be deacon for the Pope again in the end, we'll see. But I sure am grateful to have been taught this life-lesson.

May God bless you all!
Deacon Kevin
PS - It's exactly 2 months to the day I'll be ordained a priest along with 30 of my classmates. Please say a prayer for us - it's hard to believe it's so close!