Thursday, February 20, 2014

being a priest and loving it

Dear family and friends,

The other day I started complaining. It was bitter cold and still dark out and I was on my way to an early morning prayer breakfast before a full day of traveling. “Man, I’ll be cooped up all day!” I thought. “Wish I could get out and exercise!”

“Wait just a minute,” said a little voice, “what do you have to complain about?”

Truth to tell, the last four days had been something out of a story book. Thursday I had gone skiing all morning with the kids from school. Wednesday I had gotten to play basketball at one of the boys’ clubs I help with. Tuesday I had gone for a walk at the park, only to find the lake frozen smooth as glass, and skated around for the next hour and a half. Monday was the last day of a boys’ ski retreat, and we had spent the whole day skiing.

Add to that the beauty of being a priest in the midst of it all and helping everyone I meet, and no, I really have nothing to complain about.

I sure love being a priest. And it doesn’t hurt if you get some winter sports thrown in the mix!

May God bless you,
Father Kevin

PS: I will be celebrating a special first mass tonight, Wednesday the 7th, in the Christ the King chapel at Royalmont Academy, 200 Northcrest Dr, Mason, Ohio. There will be a dessert reception afterwards, and all are invited and welcome.

My first mass at my home parish of Saint Mary Magdalen in Saint Louis, Missouri, will be the 11:30am mass Sunday March 30th . It will be followed by a reception with lunch. All are invited and welcome, please let me know if you’re coming!