Sunday, September 6, 2015

cookies and cana

the wonder-cookies
Dear family and friends,

I love chocolate chip cookies - could eat them every meal. I love them so much in fact, that recently I learned how to make them from scratch. Now I can have them on demand, whenever I want. And they come out good too - not quite as good as my mom's- but still quite acceptable.

So my heart went out to the family I was visiting. Their mom had just had a big operation and couldn't do any cooking on her own. I had stopped by to visit, and stayed for dinner a friend had brought the meal. But there was no dessert! They were out of cookies! And to make matters worse, they have three high school-aged boys! It was like the wedding at Cana, but this time Mary was saying, "They have no cookies!"

So I swung into high gear. Mom helped me find the chocolate chips. Then there was the flour, eggs, salt, baking soda... vanilla extract... oh yeah, and butter! In no time, the cookies were in the oven and not only all three boys, but even mom was scraping finger-fulls of cookie dough from the mixing bowl.

It sure was hard walking out of that house, leaving behind those chocolate chip cookies.

Back home, ours was a cookie-less household. I resigned myself to the fact, and went to the chapel to pray. On my way, the door bell rang. It was about 9pm. Who could this be?

It turned out that one of our neighbors had thought it would be nice to bring us a plate of - no, I am not making this up - chocolate chip cookies! I thanked her profusely, and headed into the kitchen. Pouring myself a glass of milk, I dug in. She must have added some sort of secret ingredient, for these cookies were a-mazing. Really. They were still warm, had the perfect amount of crispiness, and were light-years ahead of anything I could have ever made.

She didn't know it, but she had been Jesus for me that night. And Jesus had been so good, too good. He had taken my jars of water - my cookies, and transformed them. Transformed them into something ever so much better than wine - chocolate chip cookies!!!!!

Have a cookie and a glass of milk, it will do you good!!!!

God bless,

Father Kevin

Cookies I baked yesterday

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