Sunday, February 24, 2013

a view from the cobblestones

Dear Family and Friends,

I went to mass with my fellow seminarians at Saint Peter’s Basilica this morning. The news crews are already getting things set up to cover the papal conclave. Some have roof-top studios, others are building scaffolding on street corners. Inside Saint Peter’s itself, everything seems the same. (though there were a ton of relics on the altar in honor of yesterday’s feast of the Chair of Saint Peter – the main feastday of the Basilica)
TV Crews on Rooftops
Pope Benedict finished his week-long spiritual retreat this morning. On Wednesday, he’ll give his last public audience in Saint Peter’s Square. So many people have asked for tickets that the Vatican has decided not to issue them, and instead it will be first-come, first-serve. I’ve heard estimates that around 500,000 people will be showing up, though who knows. I’ll definitely be there, even if it means a seat on the street.
Scaffolding in Streets
On Thursday the 28th at 5pm, the pope will take a helicopter to his summer residence in nearby Castel Gandolfo. At 8pm, his resignation will go into effect, and I’m sure he’ll be one very happy, relieved man.

Saint Peter's Square
I’ll try to keep you updated on what I’m seeing and hearing here with “a view from the cobblestones”. Let’s say a prayer for Pope Benedict each of these last days of his pontificate!

God bless you,
Brother Kevin
Praying at the Main Altar

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