Thursday, March 1, 2018

Saint Kevin Book Gofundme

in Glendalough Ireland with a group of boys
Dear family and friends,

Could you please sponsor me? I want to write a book about Saint Kevin, and I’d like to begin with a research trip. I’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign:

Let me explain.

in Glendalough with a group of pilgrims last July
One day, when I was about seven, I pulled the encyclopedia off the shelf and looked up my name, “Kevin.” The entry was short: Kevin was a monk and the founder of a monastery in Glendalough. He was a saint. “Cool!” I thought, “but what’s Glendalough?”

Saint Kevin holding a blackbird - cool story, stay tuned for the book!

Turns out it’s a valley with two lakes in Ireland. There was even a picture in the encyclopedia showing a huge 100 foot round tower that stood there.

I had stumbled upon a mystery that is still calling me. A story I feel called to tell.

Just last May I met with the publisher of my first book, “Saint Jose”. It is the story of a young Mexican martyr who inspired me to become a priest. As we were talking, the publisher asked if I was thinking of writing any other books about saints. I told him I was, and mentioned Saint Kevin. “If you write it, we’ll publish it,” he said.
The Valley of Glendalough
Saint Kevin is kind of the Saint Francis of Assisi of Ireland. He was an amazing man who is surrounded in legends and myths. Like I did with Saint Jose, I would like to use all of the facts we know and bring his story to life for young and old readers alike. I believe that the lives of the saints engagingly told like this can inspire us in a way that theories can’t.

In late March, I will accompany the seniors at the school where I’m chaplain on their senior trip to Ireland. After they return home, I would like to stay for a week and work on the book about St Kevin. I need to do some research, get a better feel for the places where St Kevin lived, and above all write.
by the Upper Lake last July
I need to cover my lodging, transportation, food, phone,  and dark chocolate costs. Would you be willing to sponsor me please? Any amount would help. You could donate via my Gofundme page: or send a tax-deductible donation to:
LC Pastoral Services
8162 Chestershire Drive, 
Cincinnati OH 45241
a diorama of the monastery at its height
I will try to keep you updated as I work on the book. Please say a prayer that everything works out, so that I can bring the story of this great Irish saint, my patron, to life.

Saint Kevin, Pray for us!

Father Kevin McKenzie LC

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