Tuesday, August 2, 2022

What I’ve learned


It’s been two weeks since I started my pilgrimage! I’ve walked something like 144 miles, through two countries, and across the sea. (well, my plan to walk across the water didn’t pan out…) And I’m still alive!

Today was a beautiful but strenuous walk up and down about ten different hills, leading up to Moel Famau, the tallest at 1818 feet. Its top is crowned by the “Jubilee Tower” in honor of the 50 years of the reign of “Mad King George”, who I think was the King George at the time of the American Revolution. His tower had partially collapsed, but still offered some beautiful views.

I think I’m getting into the stride of things. There sure has been a lot to learn:

- I can get by on 3 liters of water a day, no need to carry 6

- Stopping and unpacking it is immensely easy to lose things, so I must be very careful to check when I’m packing up. So far I lost my charging cables, my tent stakes, my sunglasses, and one gaiter. They’re all things I can replace, thankfully.

- It’s ok to lay down my pack and take a break when I find a nice spot. My body needs the rest, and my soul needs the views.

- People are always willing to help. I ran into some people today who had a beautiful German shepherd. I asked them if they had seen any water sources, which they hadn’t, but they insisted on giving me a whole liter of their own water. So kind!

- Jump in any body of water you come across, it might be your only chance to rinse off for days!

- Sheep invariably run away when you walk by them, horses sometimes are interested in you, and cows almost always follow behind inquisitively.

- Keep your eyes out for wild edible food: there have been blackberries every single day of my trek here in Wales, and today I came across an immense amount of the same berries I had found back in Ireland, bilberries. They’re so good!!!!

- There are tons of gates to walk through here. That said, each region has their own style of gates, and I love the local gates here in Denbighshire, they have a special sliding door for letting your dog through.

- Europe has walking trails everywhere! Literally! I am only walking one of many trails. I probably cross over thirty other trails each day, most of them walking trails, but some equestrian trails or bike trails. 

That’s it for now folks. Hope you have a blessed day!!

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