Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cardinals finish up this weeks' meetings

Glorious Day at Saint Peter's!
Dear Family and Friends,

What a glorious, sunny day we’ve had!  I got to Saint Peter’s Square around 9am this morning. As I waited for some friends, the Cardinals made their way across the square to their meetings.

The first was one of the Eastern Patriarchs, and unlike the little red hat that most cardinals wear, he had a black hood, with a cardinal’s cassock underneath.

Then came an American Cardinal, rosary in hand. He had a black hat covering his little red hat, but every 20 feet or so people would stop him to chat.

Next there was a Canadian Cardinal, and he didn’t have any “Cardinal Camouflage” on, but managed to get through the square without anyone stopping him.

Last there was a Nigerian Cardinal, smiling ear to ear, and a group of priests stopped him by the fountain. He joked and talked with them for a good 2-3 minutes, as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

The Church has been in good hands, and is in good hands. Pope John Paul had his own special style – you might call him charismatic. Benedict had his own style – you might call him the sage. The new Pope will also have his own style, unlike any before him, and it will be good for the Church and the world that he is unique and himself.

We need the diversity – Jesus showed us that with all the different characters he brought together in his twelve Apostles. So the Papal election is something we must look forward to, not with worry, but with hope.

Where's Waldo Cardinal Version
I include a panorama photo of Saint Peter’s Square this morning as I was “Cardinal watching”. It’s a Cardinals version of “Where’s Waldo?” There’s only one Cardinal, can you find him?

God bless you!
Brother Kevin

TV Crews setting up at the end of the Via della Conciliazione

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