Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pope Francis meets Pope Emeritus Benedict

Two Popes meeting by the helicopter
Dear Family and Friends,

Today Pope Francis flew out to Castel Gandolfo to meet and have lunch with Pope Benedict. This is the first time in history a pope and former pope have met like this.

Two Pope praying in the chapel
Benedict came out to the heliport to greet Francis, and together they drove up to Castel Gandolfo. There they prayed together, had a private 45-minute meeting, and then had lunch together. When they went to pray, Benedict tried to have Francis take the special Papal kneeler, but Francis said, “no, we are brothers” and knelt down on the pew at Benedict’s side. Benedict looks much the same as before, only his cassock is a bit simpler. Pope Francis gave him an icon of Our Lady of Humility as a gift.

Pope Francis gives Pope Benedict an icon of our Lady of Humility
From the pictures, it looks like they both enjoyed the meeting and had a great time.

Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis
At one point today during our 20-mile Church-a-thon, a little after three, as we were leaving the Church of San Giorgio in Velabro (Blessed John Henry Newman’s old titular church) we think we saw Pope Francis’ helicopter flying back to the Vatican. The Church-a-thon went great, even though it was exhausting. Hopefully all of the seminarians will sleep well tonight!

Let’s say a prayer for our Pope Emeritus Benedict, and for our new Pope Francis!

God bless,
Brother Kevin