Wednesday, June 12, 2013

life at my seminary

Dear Family and Friends,

I’ve lived at my seminary here in Rome for about five years now, and I can’t help but be grateful for my time here. It’s amazing that over three hundred guys from twenty one nations can get along for a week, let alone for a whole year. And though I’ll be the first one to admit that life at my seminary isn’t perfect, it’s pretty awesome, and there’s a special spirit here. For instance:

brother with broken leg passing out laundry

Notice the brother sitting on the table in the picture. He’s brother Rodolfo, and he broke his leg playing soccer. He could spend his time in bed lounging around if he wanted, but I found him the other day helping fold and pass out laundry!
brothers looking at bird of paradise flowers

Sometimes you get into the bad habit of traveling from place to place without admiring the scenery. I find myself doing just that at times as I walk from my seminary to the university. But the two brothers in this picture had stopped to admire the two bird of paradise flowers growing in the woods. One brother’s an Italian, and one’s a Minnesotan. Fancy that!

a little prayer
We say a bunch of prayers together every day, but to be honest, it’s nice to have some spontaneous prayer now and then too. Brother Andrew has been inviting anyone who wants to come for a little prayer in the mornings before our beautiful crucifix in the gardens. Let the Spirit flow!

olive glory!
Yesterday was an especially beautiful day. There were sunbeams streaming through this olive tree in the early morning, and then a crescent moon came up to wish us all a good night.

crescent moon and view from my window
And a good night to you too!
Brother Kevin

PS By the way, whoever prayed for me on my last exam, it worked! I’ve never taken an exam that went so well. So whoever you are, I have my second-to-last exam tomorrow – on the Psalms and Wisdom books – and I need your prayers again! God bless you!