Saturday, June 29, 2013

praised be God

Dear Family and Friends,

Please join me in thanking God for the gift of becoming his deacon. May my life truly be all in service to Him and my brothers and sisters. Let us thank him also for my 22 fellow deacons.

Thank you for the prayers, I felt bolstered up and carried along by them all these days.

May God bless you, with my Diaconal blessing,
Brother Deacon Kevin

presentation of the candidates

promise of obedience

litany of the saints

litany of the saints

laying on of hands

23 new deacons

mother Teresa's sisters came!

receiving the Gospels

the embrace of peace

elevating the chalice at the great Amen

giving communion to my dad

group photo

with the deacons in my group and Father Timothy

me and my dad