Friday, June 14, 2013

Pope Francis at his best

Dear Family and Friends,

Francis has been Pope for three months now. The other day my friend from Argentina, Brother Ricardo, said, “you have to see Francis speaking to really understand him.” I agree. While Pope Benedict is fascinating to read, Pope Francis is fascinating to watch.

Last week Francis met with thousands of children from Jesuits schools in Italy and Albania. At the beginning of his talk, he put aside the speech and asked the children if they wanted to ask him any questions. What followed is Francis at his best. I did a simultaneous – and rough – translation. Please go to to see the video. It’s too big for me to send with this email. The questions the children ask are precious, and Francis’ answers are filled with wisdom.


God bless,
Brother Kevin

PS Today is 6th months till my ordination as a priest in December. It’s coming fast!